The Mission of the Coosawattee Foundation

The Coosawattee Foundation, Inc. provides assistance to human cultures seeking to protect their respective existences or heritages through research, public policy mechanisms, and technology systems and methods. The goal of the foundation is to educate the public about the value of past and present Native American cultures, to work with landowners to preserve archaeological sites and the natural environments in the immediate vicinity of these sites, and to persuade the public and government leaders about the need to implement public policy mechanisms to protect these resources. The Foundation accomplishes its mission by raising funds from private and public sources, establishing alliances with other private organizations, assisting in public policy formulation, and working closely with public and private educational institutions.

One of the major problems facing the Foundation is the protection of irreplaceable archaeological resources and the environments in which they occur. Archaeological resources are non-renewable, and most of the information we obtain from these resources cannot be gained from any other source. Modern development and suburban sprawl is continually expanding across the natural landscape. Thus, many tangible and intangible things may be lost. Natural landforms that have existed for thousands or millions of years, archaeological sites that can tell us how surrounding landscapes and resources have contributed to the success or failures of past cultures, and habitats for rare and endangered species are daily being destroyed due to development, widespread looting activities, and indifferent public policy.

The Coosawattee Foundation has created an intensive program aimed at educating children and the general public about the value of these resources and their environ- mental context. This program currently focuses on school children from grades 7-12, but also includes younger students and also the general public. Local schools are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs. Program length varies from a one hour in-class lecture to a full week of lecture, lab work, and actual archaeological field work. The Coosawattee Foundation has agreements with several landowners which allow CFI to conduct archaeological research on their properties. This gives CFI the pleasure of instructing students and adults alike in actual excavation techniques. In the future the Foundation intends to offer after school programs as well as summer field and day camps.


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