CFI Associate Membership

Development pressure has begun in the Coosawattee River valley. We need to do the research now and put mechanisms in place to preserve our archaeological and environmental treasures, or we will lose them forever. Lack of education about these resources, irresponsible development, and illegal plundering of archaeological sites are factors we need to combat so that we can more fully understand what we have. Become an associate and join us now in this important work.

Membership in the Coosawattee Foundation provides a number of tangible benefits.

To you, Associate Membership provides:
  •  insight into the archaeological and environmental treasures of Northwest Georgia;
  •  a source of information on the Foundation's current and anticipated activities;
  •  the opportunity to volunteer on an archaeological dig or in other ways to support the organization; and
  •  the opportunity to be a more informed ambassador for better understanding of cultural history and environmental protection.

For the Foundation, our Associates program provides:
  •  an opportunity to build a group of people with sincere interests in archaeological and environmental resources;
  •  input from our community concerning these issues;
  •  a source of volunteers and program participants; and
  •  revenues to fund the Foundation's educational and other program efforts.

For more information about becoming a member, please send an email to [email protected], or call (404) 285-2001.


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