Chronology of Native American Cultures
in Northwest Georgia

Clovis 9500-9000 B.C. Early Paleo-Indian --first bands arrive in state
Cumberland 9000-8500 B.C. Middle Paleo-Indian  
Dalton 8500-7900 B.C. Late Paleo-Indian --end of Ice Age
Big Sandy 7900-7500 B.C. Early Archaic  
Kirk/Palmer 7500-6800 B.C. Early Archaic  
Bifurcate (LeCroy, etc.) 6800-6000 B.C. Early Archaic  
Kirk/Stanley 6000-5500 B.C. Middle Archaic --"spear-thrower" (atlatl) weights
Morrow Mountain 5500-4000 B.C. Middle Archaic --expedient, informal stone tool technology
Benton/Halifax/Guilford 4000-3000 B.C. Middle Archaic  
Savannah River 3000-2500 B.C. Late Archaic --soapstone boiling-stones, grooved axes, lithic trade
Otarre/Gary/etc. 2500-1500 B.C. Late Archaic/Early Woodland  
Stallings Island 1500-700 B.C. Late Archaic/Early Woodland --fiber-tempered pottery, soapstone vessels
Kellog 700-200 B.C. Early/Middle Woodland --grit-tempered pottery
Cartersville 200 B.C.-A.D. 500 Middle Woodland --Hopewell ceremonialism and trade, rock mounds
Swift Creek/Napier A.D. 500-750 Late Woodland  
Woodstock A.D. 750-1000 Late Woodland/Early Mississippi --bow-and-arrow, stockades and other fortifications
Etowah A.D. 1000-1200 Early Mississippi --rise of Mississippian chiefdoms
Savannah/Wilbanks A.D. 1200-1350 Middle Mississippi --peak of Etowah site as political center
Lamar A.D. 1350-1600 Late Mississippi/ Early Historic --paramount chiefdom of Coosa, DeSoto (1540)
? A.D. 1600-1776 Middle Historic --regional abandonment by Muskogee populations
Historic Cherokee A.D. 1776-1838 Late Historic


--Cherokee immigration


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